HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Setup

Have you bought a new HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer for your home or office? And, are you looking for a simple and easy guide to perform HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Setup? Then, you’re on the right web page.We have created this HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer support page to help our users in setting up their printers easily, quickly, and without a problem. The setup instructions are given in an easy-to-understand manner. So, go ahead and implement them for an error-free printer setup.Unbox and turn on the printer to begin the setup. Configure the printer language, date/time, etc., by following the on-screen prompts. Complete the printer’s hardware setup. Finally, install the HP OfficeJet printer on your smartphone or computer using the HP Smart app or the HP Printer software.

Restore The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e To Default Printer Settings

If you want to set up an already used OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer, restore its settings to factory defaults and then begin the setup. To restore the settings, open the Printer Maintenance menu on your printer. Choose Restore > Restore Factory Defaults > Continue.

Once the settings are restored, your printer will automatically restart. Now, configure the initial settings, complete the hardware setup, and install the printer on your smartphone or computer over a wireless, wired, or USB connection.

Refer to the instructions given under the “HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Unboxing Setup” section if you want to know the setup process in detail.

OfficeJet Pro 8035e Unboxing Setup - Five Simple Steps

Prepare The HP Printer

  • In the first step of your printer setup, you have to prepare the machine for the setup.
  • To do so, remove all the packing materials, such as the protective tape, cardboard pieces, Styrofoam sheets, etc., from the printer and its accessories.
  • After unpacking your printer, move it closer to an electrical outlet.

Configure The Initial Settings On 8035e HP Printer

  • Secondly, turn on your unpacked printer and configure the initial settings.
  • Connect your printer to the working electrical outlet using the power cord.
  • Now, your printer will automatically turn on. (If not, press the Power button on its control panel).
  • Once the printer becomes stable, configure the device language, date/time, etc., as per your preferences.

Install HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Ink Cartridges

  • Unpack and install the setup instant ink-ready cartridges into their slots.
  • Open the front door.
  • Raise the access door.
  • Remove the orange part from the cartridges.
  • Install the 8035e hp printer ink cartridges into their slots and lower/close the doors.

Load Paper And Align Printhead - HP

  • This step of your 8035e setup includes loading paper and aligning the printhead.
  • Choose the media type that you want from the recommended list.
  • Plain Paper
  • HP Photo Papers
  • HP Matte Brochure or Professional Paper
  • HP Matte Presentation Paper
  • HP Glossy Brochure or Professional Paper
  • Other Photo Inkjet Papers
  • Other Matte Inkjet Papers
  • Pull out the input tray.
  • Move the guides to the ends.
  • Fan and load the paper into the tray with its printable side facing down.
  • Adjust the guides and push the tray towards the printer.
  • Align the printhead by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

HP Printer Installation On Your Device

  • The last step of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e setup is installing the printer on your device.
  • Initially, choose the device on which you want to install the printer.
  • For smartphones and the latest Windows/macOS: Install and use the HP Smart app to set up the printer on your device.
  • For older versions of Windows and Mac: Use the recommended HP printer software for your OS type to install the printer on your computer.

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HP Office Jet 8035e Driver Download

Download the latest and most compatible HP OfficeJet Pro printer driver for your Windows or Mac computer from this page by clicking the Download button below.

Driver Download for Windows Driver Download for Mac

Now, the printer drivers available for your OS type will start downloading. You can use the downloaded driver to install the printer on your computer. To know more about the same, refer to the instructions given under the “HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Driver Install” section on this page.

HP 8035e Driver Install

For The Latest Version Of Windows/mac

  • Install and open the HP Smart app on your computer.
  • Click Continue on the “Welcome to HP Smart!” screen.
  • Install the printer on your computer by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

For Older Versions Of Windows/mac

  • Open the HP printer software recommended for your OS type.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Choose Connection options when prompted.
  • Connect your printer to the computer and install its software by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e Wireless Setup

You can wirelessly set up your 8035e printer on a computer or smartphone from its control panel or by using the HP Smart app. Both the methods are pretty easy to perform. The Wi-Fi section below will show you how to set up the printer over a wireless network from the printer’s control panel.

Before You Begin, Ensure The Following:

  • The printer’s hardware setup is completed.
  • The wireless router (that you’re using for the wireless setup) is connected to a stable internet connection and placed closer to your printer.
  • The necessary printer driver is downloaded and it is ready to use.

Connect HP Printer To Wifi

  • Open your printer’s Dashboard.
  • Tap Wi-Fi > Settings > Wireless Settings.
  • Now, a screen displaying the list of Wi-Fi options that allow you to connect your printer over the wireless network will open.
  • Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard or WPS (also known as Wi-Fi Protected Setup) option.
  • Connect your printer to the wireless network by following the on-screen instructions.

Add HP Printer On A Device

  • Connect your smartphone or computer to the same wireless network (as that of your printer).
  • Use the HP Smart app or the HP printer software to complete the rest of your HP OfficeJet Pro wireless setup.

HP Officejet Pro Scan

You can scan an original and save it on your computer or memory device with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer’s software, control panel, or the HP Smart app.

Using The HP Smart App

  • Open the HP Smart app on your smartphone to scan the original using it.
  • Tap or click on the Printer Scan (if you have loaded the original on the printer’s scanner glass) or Camera scan (if you wish to use your device’s built-in camera to scan the original) option.
  • Scan the original by following the on-screen prompts.

Using The Printer Software

  • Open the HP printer software.
  • Click on the Scan a Document or Scan a Photo option.
  • Choose the scan type.
  • Configure the scan settings as per your preferences.
  • Finally, click on the Scan button.

From The Printer’s Control Panel

  • Locate and tap on the Scan tab on your printer’s home screen.
  • Load the original on the printer’s scanner glass if you haven’t loaded it yet.
  • Choose a computer or USB device to save the scanned copy.
  • Configure the scan settings, such as resolution, type, etc., as per your preferences.
  • Finally, tap Save.
  • Now, your printer will scan and save the placed original to the selected destination.

Copy Setup

Just like scanning, you can also create a duplicate copy of an original from your printer’s control panel or use the HP Smart app. If you're looking to perform the copy operation from the printer’s control panel, follow the instructions below.

  • Initially, ensure that the input tray of your printer has enough paper.
  • Now, use the printer’s scanner glass or ADF to load the original.
  • Tap on the Copy option on your printer’s home screen.
  • Now, the Copy Document screen will open.
  • Set the copy type, color/black, and other copy settings as per your preferences.
  • Finally, tap on the Copy button.
  • Now, your printer will start creating a duplicate copy of the original.

Fax Setup

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer enables you to send a standard fax from your printer’s control panel, a phone, and a computer to the recipient of your preferences. However, before you use the fax function on your printer, make sure that the machine is connected to the wall jack or telephone receiver. Also, ensure that the fax settings are configured correctly on it.

Carry out the simple instructions below to send a fax message from your printer’s control panel.

  • Place the original with its print-side facing down on the scanner glass or print-side facing up in the ADF of your printer.
  • Tap Fax > Send Now.
  • Type your receiver’s fax number in the given field.
  • Tap Fax Settings to modify the default fax settings.
  • Finally, tap Send.

How To Fix HP Printer Problems

Setting up the printer and accessing its functions are straightforward. However, if you haven’t set up your printer and its settings correctly, there is a chance for you to end up facing a problem when performing the printer-related functions on it.

Almost all the HP printer problems are known ones. So, if you’re facing a printer issue for the first time, perform the best and recommended solutions to fix it. If those solutions don’t resolve your printer problem, learn more about the same and perform the advanced troubleshooting solutions to fix it.

This HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e troubleshooting section will show you how to resolve the printer offline, cartridge, and printhead issues.

Contact our technical expert team if you need real-time assistance in resolving your HP OfficeJet printer problems.

Fix HP 8035e Offline Error - Five Simple Methods

Resolve the offline printer problem within a few minutes by following the five simple troubleshooting solutions given below.

  • Turn on the printer: If you’re performing the printer-related operation from your computer, make sure that the printer is turned on. Because when the printer is in sleep mode or turned off, it can’t receive the printer–related request sent from your computer. So, turn on or wake up your printer and then initiate the print operation.
  • Use one stable network: To perform the print operation from your computer or smartphone to the printer without any issue, both the devices must be connected to the same network. Check the printer and your device connection status. If they are connected to different networks, use one stable network to connect them.
  • Disable Use Printer Offline: Check the printer status on your computer. If the status is displayed as offline, it means the Use Printer Offline option is enabled on it. Disable it and then perform the print operation.
  • Use the diagnostic tool: Printer offline is a very common problem that many users face. So to help you in resolving this problem easily, the HP printer manufacturer has developed a diagnostic tool called “HP Print & Scan Doctor (Windows).” Use this tool if you’re using a Windows OS-based computer. Both Windows and Mac users can also use the HP Smart app to diagnose and fix the printer offline issue.
  • Re-add the printer: The offline issue also occurs if you haven’t installed your printer properly on the computer. To resolve it, remove and re-add the printer on your computer.

HP Officejet Pro 8035e Not Printing Black - Four Fixes To Try

Is your HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer not printing black? If yes, try these four simple troubleshooting solutions one by one to resolve it.

  • Reinstall the cartridge: Improper installation of ink cartridges can lead to these kinds of problems. So, initially, check whether the black ink cartridge is unpacked and installed properly in its slot. If not, unpack and install it correctly.
  • Check the ink levels: If a cartridge's ink level is empty or low, the printer will stop using it. Check the estimated ink level of the black cartridge. To do so, open the printer’s Dashboard. Tap on the Ink icon. If the black ink cartridge level is low or empty, replace it with a new one.
  • Replace the cartridge: Get the replacement ink cartridge from the HP Store or retail store. Remove the existing black cartridge from your printer and replace it with the new one.
  • Configure the print settings correctly: If you want your document to be printed only using black ink, select the Black & White or Black Ink Only option in the Print dialog box.

HP Printhead Issue- 2 Fixes To Try

You might face print quality issues if your printer's printhead is not clean or aligned properly. Follow the instructions below to clean and align the printhead on your printer.

  • Clean the printhead: Perform the printhead cleaning process only when it is necessary, and you face the print quality issues. You can clean the printhead from the printer’s control panel or software. To clean the printhead from the control panel, open the Dashboard. Tap Setup > Printer Maintenance > Clean Printhead.
  • Align the printhead: Generally, after installing a new ink cartridge on your printer, you have to align the printhead to avoid print quality and other issues. So, if you haven’t aligned the printhead, do it now and then perform the print operation.

That is how you set up and troubleshoot the problems on your HP OfficeJet Pro 8035e printer.

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