This page covers the HP OfficeJet 5255 troubleshooting processes for the most encountered problems such as jams & paper-feed issues, ink cartridge issues, printing issues, scan issues, and printer hardware issues.

Resolving “Jams and Paper-Feed” issues

Paper can jam in any part of the printer. Normally when a paper is jammed, it stops performing the print or ongoing printer-related operation and displays the error message relating to the same on its screen. So, when the Paper Jam message is displayed on the screen, you have to search for the jammed paper in all possible parts of your printer and remove it. However, before that, restart your printer once. If the Paper Jam message remains the same on your printer screen, then follow the below instructions to check and remove the jammed paper.

  • Raise the scanner unit of your printer.
  • Look for the jammed paper inside the printer, including the duplex unit.
  • If you find any, remove it.
  • After removing the paper, close the access door and reload the paper tray if necessary.
  • Tap OK and print a test page to check whether the paper jam problem is fixed.

Quick troubleshooting process to resolve the ink cartridge issues

  • Initially, ensure that the ink cartridges are unpacked and installed properly on their slots.
  • Secondly, check if the genuine HP ink cartridges are installed on your printer. If not, remove and reinstall the genuine cartridges.
  • Check if the cartridge contacts contain any dirt particles. If yes, clean it.
  • You need to open the ink cartridge access door of your printer.
  • Remove the ink cartridges from their slots.
  • Now, get a lint-free cloth and clean the cartridge contacts using it.
  • After cleaning the contacts, place the ink cartridges properly in their slots.
  • Close the access door of your printer and print a test page on it.
  • Restart your printer if prompted.
  • If the ink cartridge levels are low or empty, replace it with a new one.

Resolving the print issues

If your printer is not responding to the print operation or if you’re unable to print a document from your computer to the HP printer, try these simple HP OfficeJet 5255 troubleshooting processes to fix it.

  • Restart your printer.
  • After restarting the printer, try to print the document.
  • If you’re unable to print again, check whether the Print settings are configured correctly, and your devices such as printer and computer are connected to the same network connection. If not, configure the settings correctly and connect the devices to the same network.
  • Check to ensure that you have set your printer as the default one on the computer. If you haven’t done it yet, set it as the default printer and then perform the print operation.
  • Similarly, check and disable the Use Printer Offline option if it is enabled.
  • Reconnect your printer to the computer.
  • Cancel or delete the queued print jobs and perform the current ones.
  • If none of the solutions fix the print issue, reset the printer. To do so, perform the simple instructions given below.
  • Turn on your HP printer if it is turned off.
  • Now, disconnect the electrical cable from your printer.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and then just reconnect the cable.
  • Turn on the printer, and print a test document.
  • If the printer prints the document successfully, it means the print problem is fixed. Otherwise, contact us.

Troubleshooting to resolve the scan issues

  • Initially, ensure that the necessary scanner drivers are installed on your computer.
  • Secondly, check if you have connected your printer and the computer to the same network connection. If not, connect them to the same network.
  • Make sure that the document that you want to scan is placed properly on the scanner glass.
  • Use the HP diagnostic tool called “HP Print & Scan Doctor” to identify the exact cause of the problem and fix it.

Troubleshooting process to resolve the printer hardware problems

  • If your printer turns off unexpectedly, check whether its electrical cable is connected securely to the power outlet. Unplug and reconnect the cable if necessary.
  • Make sure that you have connected the electrical cable to the working power outlet.
  • Similarly, ensure that the cartridge access door is closed while performing the print operation.

Contact us in case you need to know more about the HP OfficeJet 5255 troubleshooting process.

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