Hp Laserjet 1020 Plus Showing Offline

Hp Laserjet 1020 Plus Showing Offline

HP LaserJet 1020 plus is a simple, compact, professional toner cartridge printer with an instant on/off technology. This printer comes in two colors, black and white. It has a manual duplex printing facility, but sometimes you may face issues with the printer. Here are some of the solutions to resolve the issue.

Steps To Be Followed To Resolve The Issues:

  • Check whether the HP LaserJet 1020 plus printer is turned ON and connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Check if the toner is empty or there is a paper jam in the printer.
  • Check whether the printer and computer are connected using a USB cable.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Remove and re-add your printer on your computer.
  • Cancel all the documents
    • Go to Start and select Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners.
    • Select your HP LaserJet 1020 plus printer and click the Open queue button.
    • A new dialog box will open and you’ll see all the pending print jobs.
    • You can click a particular print job and delete it.
    • To completely clear the print queue, click the Printer menu and select Cancel All Documents.
  • Restart the Print spooler services 
    • Press Windows key + R.
    • Type services.msc and click OK.
    • Locate the print spooler service and restart it.
  • Set as default printer
    • Go to Start > Settings > Device > Printer and Scanner.
    • Click on your printer and then the Open queue button.
    • Now, click Printer > Set as default printer.
  • Power cycling the printer
    • Turn off the printer and plug it out; wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back in.
    • Now, turn on the printer.
    • Disable the printer offline mode:
    • Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners.
    • Select your printer from the list and click Open queue.
    • Click the Printer menu and make sure Use printer offline is not selected.
    • Install the latest update:
    • Open the setting app using Window + I.
    • Click on Update & Security.
    • Now, click on Check for an update.

These are some methods to bring HP LaserJet 1020 plus printer from offline to an online state.

Antivirus Setup