Hp Envy 5010 Troubleshooting Methods

Hp Envy 5010 Troubleshooting Guide - Resolved

Resolve your HP Envy 5010 printer problems with this troubleshooting guide.An issue or error can occur at any time when something goes wrong with the printer’s hardware, software, or settings. However, there is a solution for almost all the printer problems. We have covered the most common HP Envy 5010 printer problems and the troubleshooting solutions for the same on this page.

Hp Envy 5010 Troubleshooting All-in-one Guide

Paper Jam

When a paper jams inside or in any part of your printer, the message “Paper Jam” will be displayed on the printer’s screen. To clear this error, follow the simple troubleshooting solution below.

  • Restart your printer.
  • After that, check if the paper jam message is cleared. If not, locate and remove the jammed paper from your printer.
  • To remove the jammed paper from inside the printer, open the access door and remove the paper path cover.
  • Gently raise the duplexer cover.
  • Now, remove the jammed paper carefully using your hands.
  • After removing the jammed paper, lower the duplexer cover.
  • Close the path cover and the access door.
  • Similarly, look for the jammed paper in other parts of the printer and remove it to clear the “Paper Jam” error.

Cartridge Issues

Typically, the cartridge issues occur when the cartridges are not seated or installed properly or if the cartridge contacts contain dirt or dust particles. To clear the cartridge issue, perform the simple troubleshooting solution below.

  • Make sure that the genuine HP cartridges are seated properly in their slots.
  • Check if the protective tapes from the cartridges are removed. If not, remove them.
  • If the cartridge contacts contain dirt or dust particle, remove them to clear the issue.
  • To do so, remove the cartridges from their slots.
  • Clean the contacts with a lint-free cloth.
  • After doing that, install the cartridges back into the printer.

Printing Issues

Is your HP Envy printer not responding to the print operation? Then, try these troubleshooting solutions to resolve it.

  • Restart your printer.
  • Make sure that your HP Envy printer is ready for print operation.
  • Re-install the printer driver on your computer.
  • Misconfigured print settings can also lead to these kinds of problems.
  • So, make sure that the print settings are configured correctly.

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