How To Perform The HP Deskjet 3634 Wireless Setup?

Hp Deskjet 3634 Wireless Setup

You can connect your HP DeskJet 3624 printer wirelessly to a network with or without using a router. The below section explains the HP Deskjet 3634 wireless setup with a router. Use either the WPS method or the HP printer software to connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network. Let's see how to perform the HP Deskjet 3634 wireless setup

Method 1: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Initially, check whether you have a WPS-enabled router.

Method 2: Using the HP printer software

Follow the steps as described in this article to perform the HP DeskJet 3635 printer setup. For more assistance, click the CALL button linked to this page. Our team of technical experts will guide you through the process.

  • Gather the credentials of your wireless network (SSID and password).
  • On your Windows or Mac computer, run the HP printer software file.
  • Reach the “Select Connection Type” screen by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Enter the credentials in the respective fields.
  • Install the software to complete the Wi-Fi setup.
  • If you have already installed the printer driver on your computer, follow the instructions below to perform the Wi-Fi setup using the printer software.
  • Open the printer software.
  • Click Utilities > Printer Setup & Software > Connect a new printer > Wireless.

*Note: The above instructions to perform the HP Deskjet 3634 wireless setup may vary based on your OS type.Click Call to know more about the HP DeskJet 3634 wireless setup process in detail.

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